Cooperation Process And Qulifications Of Agency

Cooperation Process Of Agency

1. Provide the copies of business license and tax registration certification, office address, telephone and appllication of agent.

2. Visit ShineOn and communicate with productions in Beijing after the preliminary audit survey.

3. Enter into a contract of angency with a valid for one year.

4. ShineOn provided products, operations and technology trainings.

5. ShineOn provided follow-up services, technology supportings and experience exchangements..

The Qualifications Of Agents

1. For all kinds of companies with independent legal entity.

2. Have nice business reputation and capital operation.

3. Engaged to take part in the LED industry and have long-term planning of development.    

4. Have professional team of marketing and selling network.

5. Strictly carry out measures of stated price system.

6. Strictly observe the districts or industries divided by the head office.

7. The ones with the experience of LED industry, have certain economic strength and client resource will have priority.