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CHINASSL2013 Closing Topic focus on SMEs breaking through the way


 CHINASSL2013 Closing Topics Focus on How the Small and Medium-sized Enterprises Break Through the Way

           2013-11-12 From: China Semiconductor Lighting Network          

Abstract: The problem that the small and medium sized LED lighting enterprises are faced with is that how to compete with the traditional big lighting enterprises after their transformation and how to survive the escalating industry consolidation tide.

Private enterprises make up the most of the Chinese semiconductor lighting industry. Enterprises which have so far achieved the sales of 1 billion are few. Although some big enterprises appeared in the lighting industry transformation, their LED business just accounts for a small portion and the SMEs are still the mainstream enterprises.

While semiconductor lighting industry has developed to the early stage of large-scale market outbreak, how to raise the market share with their technology advantages, how to compete with the traditional lighting giants after their transformation and find a way out in the escalating industry consolidation tide are the problems the small and medium sized LED enterprises faced with.

On the 10th China International Semiconductor Lighting Forum (CHINASSL2013) Closing Ceremony, representatives from the small and medium sized semiconductor lighting industry shared their opinions on the development strategy, the opportunities and challenges they are faced with as well as how to grasp the present and plan the future.

Executive vice president and chief technology officer Liu Guoxu from Shineon Technology

Executive vice president and chief technology officer Liu Guoxu from Shineon Technology made a report on the topic of “the SMEs should find a special way out for themselves”. Firstly, he analyzed the advantages and disadvantages as well as the opportunities and challenges the SMEs were faced with from the macro point of view of the industry developing status. He indicated that the refined structure contributed to the fast development of the SMEs, while the small size and lack of fund are the weaknesses. It is possible for the SMEs to establish their brand in the market segments though they still need to enhance their capability to withstand the risks. The mail challenge for the SMEs is that they need to balance between the present pressure to survive and the long-term benefits.

Guoxu Liu said: “To seize the industry development opportunities and establish the position in the industry, the SMEs can focus on special market segments from the perspective of the customers and the market, enhance the innovation of products and technology, as well as establish the brand image through good reputation.

Later Guoxu Liu shared the development experience of Shineon and its goals for the future. Shineon is a high tech company which focused on the production, especially the LCD backlighting which requires high level techniques. Having gained its good reputation on backlighting, Shineon started to find a way out in the illumination area by its special Integrated packaging technology. Based on its packaging technology, Shineon will become stronger and stronger by cooperating with enterprises which have the complementary advantages on the resources.  

Guangzhou Lu , President of Chongqing Bangqiao

Chongqing Bangqiao is an enterprise focused on the production of LED medical lighting. President Guanzhou Lu mainly introduced the huge changes in medical field made by the LED lighting. The operation lamp which is color temperature adjustable will not only enable doctors enhance the operations for the doctor can find the fresh tissue and necrotic tissue more easily with the advantage of adjustable color temperature but also help doctors improve their eyesight and relieve fatigue by adjusting the color temperature.

Besides, LED light can  wake up the patient by adjusting the human biological rhythm. Red light has curative effect on skin diseases. What is most important is that the enterprises don’t have to worry about the prices during competition for the LED medical lighting equipment is not price - sensitive.  Therefore, different innovation capacity is vital to the SMEs.

Liu Rong, President of Huacan Optronics Co.,Ltd

President of Huacan Optronics Co Liu Rong shared with the attendants the development experience of Huacan Optronics. He said that Huacan focused on the development and production of LCD chips and its products had gained the customers’ approvals by continuous efforts and brand promotion. Nowadays the company is making progress on the chips of white-light illumination application whose sales has achieved 40%. Liu Rong indicated that as for the SMEs the survival crisis was caused by the lack of capital and the customer base. The aggressiveness in development and flexibility in decision-making are the advantages of the SMEs. The precious experience which Huacan has learned from the past is to continuously enhance the research and development on the basis of enterprise survival.

Jiuliu Zhang, General Manager of Hangzhou Zhongwei Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd.

With the gradual development of LED testing equipment, Hangzhou Zhongwei Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd. is expanding fast. General manager Jiuliu Zhang introduced the company’s history and the core products development process. He concluded that immature LED lighting industry is a great opportunity for the SMEs and the industry requires higher innovation capability. The company has achieved a new stage where professional management team needs to be introduced and the urgent problem to be resolved now is to establish the company’s talent echelon. The vision of Zhongwei which is simple is to make the manufacture of LED illumination products much easier and to continuously create values for the customers.

While Huace New Coslight which is focused on power supply manufacturing has become the mine lighting’s largest manufacturer of power after the early period’s accumulation and development. But rather than halt, the company researched and developed the pinpointed LED underground mining lamp by corporation with state key laboratory of joint innovation in  making further use of LED light communication function. The company has achieved great success in this segment field through the research and development of technology application, product portfolio and solving engineering problems. Zhiqiang Guo, general manager of Huace New coslight, shared their successful experience.

All in all, the SMEs are able to gain greater success in the increasingly fierce competition by continuously innovation according to the company’s characteristics and resource advantages.