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ShineOn won the TCL Technology Innovation Award 2015

March 25,2016 , TCL Multimedia held "2015 Annual Global Supplier Conference" at Kaminski Hotel Huizhou. TCL Group President Lianming BO attended the meeting and delivered speeches. TCL Multimedia COO Mr. Zheng Xiang gave a keynote address on" Focus on the goal of cooperation and win-win". ShineOn Executive Vice President \CTO Dr. Jay Liu and the Backlight Marketing director Fenglei Huang attended this event. TCL awarded prizes to outstanding supplier in this conference. ShineOn won the TCL Multimedia “Technology Innovation Award 2015-2016".




ShineOn successfully developed a number of industry-leading backlighting technologies for TCL in the past two years. Collaborating with QD Vision’s leading quantum dots materials, ShineOn helped TCL develop world leading high performance wide-gamut TVs based on quantum dots backlighting technology; this development helped TCL win the "2014 IFA product technical innovation Award". ShineOn is also the first Chinese company successfully introducing new red KSF fluoride phosphors into wide color gamut backlight to achieve low-cost mass production with Skyworth, TCL and other TV customers. Recently, the company has successfully launched its LED light bar products based on chip-scale packaging (CSP) technology, it met the optical performance requirements and passed the reliability tests done by customers . In the future, ShineOn will continue to focus on technology innovation, manufacture high quality, high cost value products to TCL and other customers, helping its customers to achieve win-win situation.