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New Technology Symposia on 2016 SID Display Week

 1July -2 July 2016, Beijing .International Society of Information Display (SID) hosted the “New Technology Symposia on 2016 SID Display Week" at Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTC). A number of experts and scholars from research institution and industry of display technology attended the meeting. They discussed major issues of program development in Chinese display technology industries. SID chairman Yong-Seog Kim and the President Chen Shiyi of SUSTC delivered speech.

Attendees exchange their views on display technology. Doctor Liu Guoxu of ShineOn had a speech "backlight technology trends". He analyzed the trends of the LCD backlight technology, and market for ultra-thin ultra-narrow, high dynamic range, local dimming and wide color gamut. He also emphasized photoluminescence quantum dot technology in wide gamut LCD application, and compared to current red and green phosphor converted white LED technology. Dr. Liu recalled articles and presentation of 2016 SID in United States on backlight technology, regarding QD / QR, HDR, Local dimming, Micro display.

Shineon CTO Dr. Guoxu LIu