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ShineOn High Quality and Health Lighting Source Introduction

After the past decade of fast improvement in LED efficiency and cost, attention has shifted recently to the value of LED light to human and society. Such human centric lighting has important effect in quality of life, visual experience, health and human performance. High color rendition, visual comfort (proper brightness and uniformity, free of flicker and glare), photobiological safety and circadian system health are the center of focus in next generation lighting source development.

In 2017, ShineOn had led the path to a market to propose the concept of a full spectrum and healthy lighting in Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition. After a year of optimization and improvement, by using the advanced phosphor recipe and packaging technologies, Shineon has launched a series of higher quality and healthier lighting products in 2018 year's light Asian exhibition. Particularly, the beneficial blue light band has been increased so that the high energy blue light ratio (435 ± 20 nm) is reduced to avoid the blue light hazard. What’s more, via optimizing the spectral power distribution (SPD) of the light source, the spectral continuity, color index and color saturation of the LED light source are greatly improved.


ShineOn eye-protection desk Lamp vs. market typical desk lamp spectral power distribution

The full spectrum LED series have spectrum similar to natural light sources as sun and incandescent light, which are equipped with the superior properties of high fidelity, wide color gamut and high saturated color. These LEDs have continuous and balanced spectrum and ideally attuned to human sensitivity. Furthermore, they contain only the wavelengths visible - no ultraviolet (UV), high energy violet or infrared radiation (IR). By designing the SPD to meet the circadian rhythms and low blue hazard, the white light LED series are healthier and more comfortable. The full spectrum LED series can achieve accurate color rendering without sacrificing the lumen efficiency, reliability, and cost. Moreover, combined with the ShineOn’s CCT and efficiency tunable packaging or module, the human centric lighting has been achieved.

10.2 C60


Comparative analysis of market products

ShineOn’s full spectrum LED series are mainly used in high quality and health lighting and the field of high spectral quality requirements, such as educational and commercial lighting, eye-protection desk lamp, studio lighting, retail stores, galleries, museums, hospitals as well as household lighting, etc.




ShineOn’s full spectrum LED series which are equipped with the high performance, high reliability have launched a lot of the products forms, including SMD, COB, Flash and other related package module products. The main promotional objectives are SMD2835, SMD4014, Flash2016 and more than 10W COB products. In addition, Shineon can provide high quality solutions and services to customer according to the different needs.